Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Magcon is a group of guys like O2L but they got popular from making Vine videos. They were able to grow really quickly on you-tube because all of there vine followers just subscribed to them on youtube. Nash is one of the most popular viners and is known from doing a lot of vine collab and he has really blue eyes. I think Cameron got known for grind on me vines not to such about that though There are few other guys in Magcon. They haven’t made a lot of youtube videos together and recently a lot of them haven’t made a new video in weeks. Nash , Cameron , and Matt Espinosa another memeber of Magcon made a video about things that look for in a girl. They got a lot of hate from there fan for expressing unrealistic expectation for girls like shaving there arms O2l is a collab channel with six guys. They each post a new video one day of the week.

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He is also known for being a successful solo YouTuber, a successful collaborative YouTuber, and an overall sensation in modern social media with millions of followers on sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. Fun Facts Kian was born on September 2, Kian likes to take showers with his dogs Born in Iowa moved to California when he was 5.

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He is currently making videos on the KianandJc channel with Kian Lawley. YouTube Edit He started Youtube in September and gained recognition from O2L, but due to the group wanting to focus more on their personal Youtube channels and the feeling of their lack of quality in their videos, they decided to end the group. Jc and his best friend, Kian Lawley, took this opportunity to start their own channel: They posted their first video on 19th January , approximately 6 months since O2L split.

The channel was created on July 27th , and since then, has gained over 1 million subscibers. In late November , Jc released a compilation album -Neptones Jc and Kian Edit Jc and kian lawley are really close Jc’s parents divorced when he was five.

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Please comment nicely or your comment will be removed. His inspiring content and great personality keeps me going and I love seeing his posts, even if it takes him longer to post because then you know it took lots of effort not only to film but to edit. Him and his friends do so much for the YouTube community it’s unreal. I will support them endlessly as I have learned to do over the years. I think that he deserves this top spot for sure! Shane always knows how to give some good advice to his viewers.

Connor Franta, Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, Ricardo Ordieres, Christian Novelli or JC Caylen? Published January 25, · updated January 25, January 25, · .

He has a little brother, Levi, and two older sisters, Mia and Chloe. He was diagnosed with diabetes. He was bullied and eventually got tired of school and dropped out. He has been making youtube videos with his best friend, KIan Lawley, since they were about 14, starting on kiansam13 and Kian’s main channel, superkian13 Fetus Sam and Kian He has been apart of O2L since the beginning. His favorite drink is Arizona, and his favorite color is dark blue,or green.

He currently has a half lower sleeve of tattoos, and a tattoo on his rib, and now a anchor on his shoulder blade, also one on his right thigh that says,” just 4,” and one on his right collar bone and one on the inside of his lip. If you watch one of his recent videos called My Tattoos he explains all of his tattoos, except his diamond one, which no one knows about. He lives with his best friend Chris,in LA.

Sam has been apart of Magcon and many other things. Sam is an insomniac, and sleeps all the time. Sam loves to spend time with his family, especially Levi. Sam likes to eat, which he states a lot.

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In what happened to John Hooper? At his burning John Hooper even helped the man that had the job of putting the firewood together in bunches to be burnt- the branches that were to be burnt for John Hooper himself. It was winter and so the fire didn’t start well because the wood was damp and wet. At first the wind blew the flames away and signed his hair and face. Then as the Bishop prayed the fire got going again and burnt his legs before going out again.

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Sam Querrey is an unassuming year-old tennis pro. He is ranked No. And he is some kind of unlucky at love. Thus he set out to find a significant other—or at least a decently romantic date—on Millionaire Matchmaker, presented by Bravo, the cable channel that launched a hundred substandard housewives’ careers. The program is hosted by Patti Stanger, and here’s the full episode. Here are 18 things you may or may not have known about Querrey, which he may or may not regret having shared on national TV: His parents were are high-school sweethearts.

They’ve been married for odd years. He travels, he leaves, and it fizzles out. Querrey wants to get married have kids. This is a racquet-wielding fellow who has never dated anyone who plays tennis. He likes a “girly” girl. And it’s best if she likes to sport heels. The man would prefer an outdoorsy damsel who likes hiking and riding bikes.

Sam Tsui Comes out as Gay – and He’s Getting MARRIED!

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I could tell you about how it was built in by Tamil laborers or that the goddess Kali is the destroyer of evil or that in the locals took refuge in the temple to protect themselves from the invading Japanese army.

This is a story about a girl named Angel who is the sister of O2L’s very own Ricky Dillon. Angel falls in love with Sam Pottorff but she knows they could never be because Sam is in a very committed relationship with his girlfriend.

You two had been best friends for the longest time. And just recently you two had started dating. And today, Sam blindfolded you and dragged you around town, for a good fifteen minutes. Then once he un-blindfolded you, you saw the park you two had always played at. You two did everything you did when you were younger.

Kian brought you on tour, and you loved it. But that meant you spent a lot of time with the guys. You two never really got any time alone. It was a fun date, and all you really did was walk through a lit-up city. You parents liked Trevor a lot, and invited him to the lake in your home town.

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After just six months of dating, the smitten couple and best friends are ready to settle down! Sam posted a video bluntly titled I Got Engaged, which sounded like your typical YouTube clickbait video. However, he quickly confirmed that he actually got engaged! Sam said that most people they have told so far have been supportive of their decision. Apparently, Sam picked out the affordable ring himself from Etsy.

Rosa van Iterson flaunts her budget wedding ring.

Sam pottorff was a youtuber or maybe still is and has a girlfriend. Follow him on Twitter Fun Facts he loves the peni, His twitter account hasn’t been verified, yet., He dated Acacia Brinley and they broke up during October , Known as the “baby face” of the group., Is diabetic and was.

He cries in front of you Sam Pottorff: The boys were currently on their O2L Digi tour and everyone was having the time of their lives on the tour bus. Your eyebrows furrowed together as you told them you had no idea. You wandered to the back of the bus where you heard a voice coming from. It sounded like he was talking on the phone to someone. You stood in the entryway and waiting for him to finish. His hands flew to his face as he slid the back of his hand against his cheeks.

You knew how much Sam missed his family when we was away from them for so long.

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Sorry, something has gone wrong. Magcon is a group of guys like O2L but they got popular from making Vine videos. They were able to grow really quickly on you-tube because all of there vine followers just subscribed to them on youtube. Nash is one of the most popular viners and is known from doing a lot of vine collab and he has really blue eyes.

Ex-O2L star Sam Pottorff, 20, threw fans for a loop when he announced that his actress girlfriend Rosa van Iterson was now his fiancée!. After just six months of dating, the smitten couple (and best friends) are ready to settle down!

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Meet thousands is very globular toner. If you are a boyfriend make a position where i had only one other game online at the surprise sunday on monday? I know a lot of people love O2L so do I. I’m sorry but I don’t really follow Sam or Trevor so they are not an option. Which Sideman o2l dating quizzes Are he dating someone else You Most..